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S E C T I O N subsection For a behind-the-scenes video of Na'ama's day on the set, go to Juliette Colbourne, 5 CO R N E R B R O O K , N L Juliette's desire to be kind means a busy schedule. In the last year alone, she has been involved with the Take Back the Night March, a mental health and suicide awareness walk, the Terry Fox Run, pride parade, and the AIDS Walk for Life. She even lost her voice from chanting so much at Take Back the Night, although the pride parade is still her favourite. "It is really fun," says Juliette. "There was singing and I liked waving the fl ag." From taking care of her little brother to visiting loved ones and being the fi rst person to help a fellow classmate, Juliette's kind heart warms those around her. After she won the prize pack for being one of Canada's kindest kids, she gave almost all the toys to the rest of her class. "Juliette is one of a kind," says Mom Valetta. "She's just the one to do everything she possibly can to help other people." Gabriel Flynn, 9 L A B R A D O R C I T Y, N L For the past three birthdays Gabriel has asked for a very special birthday present from his friends and family. He asked for money, not for the latest video game or toy, but to donate every last cent. "I just thought about people that don't have water or food," says Gabe. "I felt happy because I was doing it for other people." More than ask for money, he wrote his own book, Not Too Small to Help, learned to knit scarves, and shaved his head. The book challenged individuals big and small to come up with ways to help oth- ers. In total, he has raised $4,700 to give to charities in his community, including Ronald McDonald House, Shave for the Brave and World Vision. Mom Bev says Gabe has always want- ed to help others, even as a four-year-old. "He asked me to make sure there were no hungry boys or girls," she says. "It just blows our mind, he makes us so proud." 6 .com A P R I L 2 0 1 5 Na'ama Uzan, 5, TO R O N TO Na'ama Uzan knows it takes more than a 'please' and 'thank you' to become the kindest kid in Canada. Her parents, Ruchama and David, describe her as a "budding philanthropist." Na'ama sells lemonade rain or shine – and even hot chocolate in the winter – to raise money to fi nd a cure for Angelman Syndrome (AS), a rare developmental and neurological disability that makes it hard to walk or speak and causes frequent seizures. Nadav, Na'ama's seven-year-old brother, was diagnosed with AS at age two and a half. Last June, she was taking to the sidewalks, yelling, "Ice cold lemonade! Fifty cents a cup!" Her initiative quickly gained traction and, with the help of her Toronto community, she now has three portable lemonade stands that have raised about $24,500 for the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST). Na'ama is just like any other kid: she loves playing with modeling clay, her favourite colour is a close call between pink and "really dark orange." Nadav is her reason to go above and beyond. The two have a special bond and Na'ama looks up to him, always trying to make him laugh. "Her motivation to be an advocate for him is really inspiring," says Ruchama. "She's just so concerned for him and she just wants the best for him." Na'ama says when she grows up she wants to be "just like Paula Evans" the chairperson for FAST. "But for a different syndrome because Angelman Syndrome will be cured by then." For more information on how to get involved, visit ASlemonadestand or email The votes are in and it's unanimous: Canada has some pretty sweet kids. We were so impressed by the top three, we wanted to share their stories with you. THE RUNNERS UP Prizes for our winners were generously furnished by: as voted online at GRAND PRIZE WINNER – B E T H W H I T E MEET CANADA'S KINDEST KID NA'AMA, AND RUNNERS UP GABE AND JULIETTE Na'ama's day! kindness ISSUE THE

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